The pilgrimage far surpassed my expectations in every way…all who served us in any way were superb. All the graces God granted us at all the holy sites we visited will take a lifetime to digest.
— Fr. B. S. 
RTI has organized five trips for our parish thus far and hopefully more in the future! They are extremely knowledgeable, well-connected and detail oriented. They go above and beyond the expectations of a pilgrimage organizer. From the beginning with itinerary development and registration solicitation, to the end in making sure the diverse participants are highly satisfied with their journey, RTI is dedicated every step of the way!
— J. H.
This pilgrimage exceeded my expectations – in the tangible graces I know so many received, the openness of the pilgrims, the quality of service and the high quality of accommodations. It was great to have someone with us who gets both the practical realities and the spiritual meaning of such a trip.
— Sr. M. J. 
My pilgrimage experience would not have been the same without RTI! Thank you for your gifts of time, patience and kindness. My God and I are closer because of all the thought you placed into this.
— J. S.
RTI was a valuable partner in the planning, marketing, and execution of an alumni trip to Ireland in 2015. What was especially valuable was RTI’s willingness to customize the trip to fit the needs of our University. Their attention to detail and clear communication through the year of preparation, as well as the depth of their travel knowledge, made everything easier, not only for me but for all the trip participants. I highly recommend RTI for their understanding of group travel that results in excursions that strengthen the connection between trip attendees and the institution sponsoring the trip. I cannot offer any higher endorsement.
— A. B.
I want to thank you for one of the most inspirational experiences of my life!  I’ve been home a week now and am still reliving each day as a precious treasure.  I’m in awe of how you scheduled each day with such fine precision. Your execution made it appear seamless!
— P. S.
The spiritual gifts of the journey are without measure.   My faith and love of the Church have expanded to a new level of devotion. GRATITUDE and AWE were felt each day of our journey!
— M. G.
I not only encountered them (Jesus and His mother) over and over again but also encountered many saints and holy people, which has left me refreshed and with new hope for our world.
— J. S.
This pilgrimage brought me a spiritual awakening and inner peace. It was truly the most spiritual, knowledgeable  and enjoyable trip I have ever taken.
— D. B.
As I reflect on all the wonderful experiences we had as a group I grow in awareness of all the preparation and planning that your organization provided to make our trip such a memorable adventure.  I enjoyed every moment of the entire two weeks. Many of my brother priests have been asking me how I was able to arrange to celebrate Masses in all those places and I tell them that it was your organization and the grace of God that made that possible…I could go on and on in praising you and this adventure that you prepared for us and shared with us but let me just end by saying “Grazie!” for everything and may God bless all your journeys as he blessed this one!
— Fr. R.  F.